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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

This depends on how many steps of the service you instruct us to deliver but generally, the whole process from step 1 to 5 can take between 3 to 4 months.

At what point am I charged for works carried out?

All clients are given a schedule before works commence detailing the charges and when each payment needs to be made. We ask for an advance of £150 before the first interview which is credited against the final invoice. Clients are invoiced after the completion of each step of the service and we ask that payment is made within 7 days of receipt of each invoice.

Do I have to commit to all five steps of the service?

No! At the completion of each step of the service, you will be asked if you want to proceed onto the next step.

Who owns the copyright of any material produced?

You own the copyright of any material produced. It is your story and you own it!

I would like to use my own printers to produce a hard copy book.

No problem! Our service has been carefully crafted so that our clients have the option to take the document we produce and arrange for it to be printed themselves. Simply stop after step 4.

How can I request changes to any document produced?

Once we have produced a document for your review (such as towards the end of step 3 and 4) we will email a soft copy to you and ask if you have any comments/changes in regards to the content. These will then be rectified and a revised soft copy sent for your approval before the step in the process is considered complete. Clients have the chance to revise the document up to a maximum of two times for each step in the process (3 and 4). Please note that if you have instructed us to produce a hard copy book (step 5), we are unable to accept any further changes after you have approved it ready for printing.

Can I sell the book you produce commercially?

As much as we'd liked to, we cannot link you up with a literary agent or national publishers.  The products that Pages of My Life lovingly create are solely for our client's use to keep or pass onto loved ones as a permanent record of personal family life.

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